Our Motivation

We, from Land Water Adventures, are outdoor enthusiasts and live adventure with a paddle in our backpacks. We love to share this passion taking it into every trip we do. With experience, professionalism, good preparation and calmness we want to make every event, training and expedition an unforgettable experience for you at amazing places!


What we do

We are a provider of combined land-water trips, expeditions, trainings and individual events. We are specialized in using packrafts, inflatable, robust but light weighted single or double rafting boats, you can easily carry in a backpack.

With this we manage diverse adventures close to nature with different levels of difficulty and a minimum of logistic.

With our different packrafting trainings, we allow you to become step by step a packrafting professional. For experienced packrafters we offer expedition trips and, on request, individual packrafting trips in wild areas.

For companies and teams we organize individual events with packrafts as incentives, company trips and team trainings.

Our trips, trainings and events are located in the German Nahe Valley, the Hunsrück area, Slovenia, Norway and on Iceland.

Our claim

With every activity we manage and with the experience of a professional team, we create your very personal and own adventure. We create and organize the setting, but leaving enough space for your personal experience in nature.

You and your experience are paramount. This means that we give support matched to your level of fitness and knowledge. You will not get too many restrictions and we do not offer too much comfort.

We have confidence in your abilities.

We believe, that nothing feels better than something you achieved in large parts by yourself. And that you are able to do more than you know you can do!

Implementing this view, we address you individually, with your personality, your wishes, limits and capabilities.

And we are nowhere close to having had enough of this adventure

It is a passion that holds us in its grip even after many years: To discover the world with a paddle in a backpack and minimal logistics. We still often and as in the beginning enthusiastically stand before the idea of having a boat with us to follow the waves we find and we can't stop playing with this idea. In familiar and often new places.

At any time we live preservation of nature: We emerge our participants into nature while leaving as few traces as possible.