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We're paddling again!

With the event guidelines of Rhineland-Palatinate and the opening of the borders within Europe, our courses on the doorstep as well as in Austria and Slovenia are now possible again - we paddle again!

We are still running this year:

Daily courses and events on the Nahe (In German) June-September (Impressions of the opening)

Whitewater packrafting Slovenia

Multiday courses Hunsrück in October

Also for 2021 some dates are already online: Multiday courses Hunsrück spring 2021, Multiday Advanced in the Bavarian Forest 2021 (In German), Whitewater tyrol and brand new: Lower Alps 2021, Expedition course Norway 2021

The extraordinary times are far from over, our distant expeditions have to be postponed, but at least on some rivers we can go paddling again! We would like to thank all participants and interested parties, all people who wrote to us, we would like to say thank you for all the support in the last months!

More information about our handling of the pandemic can be found here.


Nahe day courses until September - many additional dates!

We paddle again and on the Nahe all summer long! More info (In German)

Tyrol 2021 and new course Lower Alps online!

White water packing courses with safety training, open and advanced and from 2021 partly also in the Bavarian lower alps: More info

Multiday-dates Hunsrück in autumn and from 2021 again in spring

One more date in autumn 2020 and 2021 again dates from the end of March to the end of April. More info

Outdoor basic courses LWA Basics

Cooking with fire, trekking food and outdoor kitchen from May 2020 and others. More info (In German)

Date 2021 for expedition course Norway and new film online

In 2021 we start again in 7 packing days in the Scandinavian wilderness and the premiere of our new Norway movie: More info

Whitewater Soca 2020 for beginners and advanced: Few spots left

Whitewater Packrafting courses in a dreamlike setting, still single spots in open courses: More info

New white water location! - The waves of Carinthia in Austria again in 2021!

The date for 2021 is online, Carinthia with white water crack Andi - Have a look: More info (In German)

Our trainings and COVID-19 ("Corona")

Current information on the handling on our trainings: More info

Dive into our Packrafting adventures with these videos


Feedback from our participants

Expedition course Norway

Packrafting Expeditionskurs Norwegen

"[...] Yes, it was challenging [...] but I wouldn’t want to miss one minute of this unique experience. Not only the friendly weather, but also the perfectly prepared and organized trip through Sebastian, guide and founder of LWA, and his calm and reassuring competence in all situations, made this trip an absolute highlight. For those with love for nature, water and physical challenge I can highly recommend a tour with Land Water Adventures."

- Thomas aus Wien -

Packrafting Expedition Iceland

Expedition Island

"I don’t want to deal with the description of this country, to be any way near in describing these unforgettable and fascinating impressions you must be a writer or poet. [...] I experienced the capability of a man, having an experienced guide, precise preparation and a bit of flexibility on-site. In every single way a challenging but fulfilling week[...]. I highly recommend anyone to take the chance and explore your own limits."

- Thomas from Vienna, participant of the Iceland Expedition in 2017 -

Individual Packrafting Events