Responsibilities and Qualifications

Founder and Owner, Development of Training Concepts, Scouting, Training and Expedition Leads

Expedition leader
Certified Wilderness Guide (What is a wilderness guide?)
Certified Wilderness First Responder (NOLS)
Whitewater Rescue Technician PRO (Rescue3, Report on continuing education in the blog)
Lifeguard water (DLRG)
Various multiday and multi-week tours on water, land and bike in summer and winter, south and north of the polar circle
PhD in natur sciences
Co-Founder of the Outdoor Guide Academy
Author of the Land Water Blog


"I have a strong trust into the abilities of my participants and always carry my own enthusiasm with me. I believe that spirit and desire for adventure are the most important items on every packing list. My passion for challenges and rarely traveled paths are for me the driving force and the basis of all my ideas. In the implementation of these ideas, my goal is to create the calmest and safest possible setting for my participants with professionalism and experience - even on intensive tours. In this way, together with my team, I create extraordinary adventures for people with various prerequisites."