Our wilderness guides, through their education and training are qualified to lead people professionally and safely through nature – also and in particular off developed areas. We lay a great value in nature protection. This means, that we don’t leave anything back during our trips, tours and expeditions. With our tours we additionally want to make the joy in nature perceptible.

Our wilderness guides where educated through the International Wilderness Guide Union. The instruction has more than 50 educational days, spread over a schedule of one to three years. The instructor team consists of experienced professionals of outdoor education, Elite Forces of the German Army, the outdoor travel industry and the professional sport.

Next to outdoor basics like bivouac, fire making, outdoor cooking, the education includes the training of orientation, medical emergency care, mobile safety installations, tour guiding on running waters and pedagogy. Furthermore, there lies a special focus on guiding groups safely in different situations.

The final graduation is a two-week examination tour through a lonely area of Sweden, to test the successfully learned skills.

For our wilderness guides, an additional 10-day traineeship at a provider of wilderness tours, or a similar company, was necessary to become a certified wilderness guide.


Images: Sebastian Schmidt, Jörg Rädel, Peter Jäkel, Alexander Stobbe, Bernd Stier