The south of Albania, with its mountain ranges, gorges and beautiful rivers, is a unique landscape and cultural experience. Discover with us this small paradise, sometimes quite far from any civilization and yet always in direct and original contact with the country and its people.

Packrafting Expedition Tour Albania Packrafting Expedition Tour Albania Packrafting Expedition Tour Albania Packrafting Expedition Tour Albania

It is and remains a project of the heart! After our successful first tour in 2022, there will also be an LWA expedition tour to the wild heart of Albania in 2024.

Susanne gives you some impressions about the reasons for this special tour on the Land Water Blog: "Vjosa Grandiosa", with short film and landscape impressions.

As well as in her blog post after the first visit in 2019: Vjosa - the Wild Heart of Albania with impressions of landscape, country, people and rivers.

The tour is demanding in terms of terrain and water:

  • Whitewater experience in difficulty level III is required.
  • It is necessary to be in good condition even with the expected temperatures of about 20-30°C during the day.
  • Helmets and life jackets are mandatory.

Detailed info like packing lists and weather information as well as competent and personal advice in preparation are part of this tour.

Date 2024

May 30 - June 09, 2024 (with latest arrival, earliest departure and including transfer days).

Booking runs continuously: To the request for expedition participation

Participation requirements

The formal participation requirements are:

  • Previous participation in a minimum 4-day multiday packrafting course or expedition course.
  • Previous participation in a whitewater course or equivalent prior experience in whitewater kayaking/packrafting.
  • A release for participation on the part of LWA after inquiry

With appropriate prior experience and at the discretion of the guide team, these requirements can be customized.

The following courses are offered in preparation for possible expedition participation:

Multiday Packrafting Training Hunsrück (4 days)
Whitewater Packrafting Trainings Alps (3 - 4 days)
Whitewater Packrafting Trainings Slovenia (3 - 5 days)
Packrafting Expedition Training Norway (7 days)

Film of the pilot tour 2022

Dive into this special adventure in 2 minutes of video:


More information

Information about the tour, logistics and costs

Arrival and departure: Arrival is to Tirana, Albania (by flight, for example, from Frankfurt), then transfers.

Preliminary information: It is an expedition-like tour, the below schedule is therefore subject to detail changes that may arise in the further planning phase before the start of the tour. We try to provide reliable information as early as possible and hope not to have to adjust the information given here in the further course.

We plan to arrive and depart via Tirana. From here a shuttle will take us to the backcountry. If you don't want to use our shuttle because you arrive earlier or want to stay longer, please let us know (in time). In the shuttle we have the possibility to leave a small piece of luggage for the period of the tour.

After the transfer to the backcountry - the above blog post gives an impression - and an Albanian BBQ evening we explore in the following days with the rivers Vjosa and Osum two characteristically very different, but equally impressive scenic river pearls in southern Albania. We move continuously in the sporty whitewater class II-III with early summer waves, with guaranteed wilderness feeling and put with a breathtaking gorge stage still one on it.

Latest arrival: Thursday, May 30, 2024 to Tirana

Tour from May 31 - June 8, 2024 (Including transfer days)

Earliest return: Sunday, June 9, 2024 from Tirana

The cost of participation including the transfers from/to Tirana we will send with our contact after receiving the request form below.

Rent packrafting equipment (optional): We recommend in principle for expedition-type tours the use of their own packraft equipment. Of course, however, participants can also rent high-quality, expedition-ready packrafts with or without internal stowage system as well as dry suits and accessories from us. Equipment will be shipped to Germany and most EU countries before the start of the expedition and back after the end of the expedition.

Additional costs: Own return flight, accommodation on arrival and departure days at Tirana airport, own food, small budget in local currency for snack stop along the way.

Interested parties please use the form below to contact us about participation. We will then contact you and, if necessary, send you the link to the formal booking form.

Planned tour schedule (changes possible)

  • Transfer into the backcountry, albanien BBQ
  • Vjosa (2 days)
  • Crossing over mountain range (2 days) with option for backpack-transfer and with snack stop in a small village
  • Osum with Osum Canyon (2,5 days)
  • Stay UNESCO city Berat and transfer to Tirana

For coordination and preparation a virtual pre-course meeting (video call) will take place in the run-up to the course. We will start to schedule this meeting as soon as the group of participants has been determined.

The minimum number of participants required for this expedition is 6.

Request participation in the Albania-Tour

We handle international or non-German-speaking bookings personally to guarantee a smooth booking process. Please contact us through the form below if you wish to book a participation with arrival from outside Germany or if you are a non-German-speaker. We will be glad to have you on board.

All our courses, trainings and expeditions are open to non-German-speakers. We are proud to host international crowds and guide people of all languages through waves and trails. Our guides are fluent in English, some of them in Spanish and our backoffice is fluent in English and partly in Dutch.

In case you have landed here as a German speaker we would like to let you know that the German page has specific reservation forms for every training and expedition.

This is a generic form which you will find, for your convience, below every English training or expedition. So please name here both the training/expedition name and date you would like to participate.

Number of participants and equipment rental

The contact details of the person making the request will be included below. We only need the names of the other people taking part.
If different equipment is to be booked for different participants, please provide information in the comments field below before submitting the booking.
If you are not renting all of your equipment from us, we ask that you name your own packrafting and whitewater safety equipment here, including the brand and model, if known.

Contact information

Preferably mobile

Further information

After submitting this form, you will immediately receive an automatic confirmation eMail containing the data entered here.

If that is not the case, please look in your SPAM folder first. If you have not received the automatic eMail, please get in touch with us through and we will personally take care.

Upon receipt of the automatic eMail, your data is securely transmitted, logged into the system and we will respond again personally, usually within a few days.
From time to time our availability is limited due to adventures, so a personal response will be delayed. The current status of our personal availability can be found here: Contact and current availability.