Whitewater Packrafting in the Valley of Soča and Koritnica

The valleys of Soča and Koritnica are offering whitewater action in stunning scenery. During these three or five days of combined hiking and whitewater adventure, you will be doing day trips with light luggage and a packraft. In the river canyons of Soča and Koritnica, you will learn riding techniques, have a lot of fun and experience the freedom of whitewater paddling on packrafts.

You will learn and develop individually and extensively how to ride on easy to challenging whitewater of level III/IV. During the day trips, you will learn whitewater security, special packrafting techniques in the river and on gravel banks at the waterside.

The open training is for packrafters with little previous experience. Our advanced trainings are rather for experienced paddlers, who want to deepen their skills. With our experienced guides who will lead the trainings alone or in pairs depending on the booking situation, we can be flexible enough to meet the different levels of knowledge within the group.

Of course, you can rent the complete packrafting equipment, as well as the whitewater safety gear from us. Additionally, you can also take the chance and try out different equipment of our fleet.

Each evening we are back at our base camp, the campsite with bonfire pit, where we end the day comfortably around the campfire, sometimes with stories and anecdotes (here's the blog) from the LWA team as well as our plans for future adventures.

Do you want to learn even more about the course? Then check out our blog. Here, various blog posts offer an insight into the courses of the past years and behind the scenes.

Join us on the original whitewater packrafting trip to the valley of Soča. We are packrafting enthusiasts and are living for packrafting, the whole season through, from Slovenia to Iceland. We take this passion to every trip and training we do.

Training dates 2024

Buchungsstand Soca1-2024 (open training, 3 days), 16 - 28 August 2024: Reserve spot
Buchungsstand Soca2-2024 (open training, 5 days), 19 - 23 August 2024: Reserve spot
Buchungsstand Soca3-2024 (open training, 5 days), 26 - 30 August 2024: Reserve spot
Buchungsstand Soca4-2024 (open training, 5 days), 2 September - 6 September 2024: Reserve spot
At the weekend between Soca4-2024 und Soca5-2024 we again plan to offer a Whitewater Safety Training WRT-REC for Packrafters which can be combinded with the training before or after: Read more
Buchungsstand Soca5-2024 (Advanced, 5 days, Mehr Info), 9 - 13 September 2024: Reserve spot
Buchungsstand Soca6-2024 (Group/Exclusive date), 15 - 17 September 2024: Reserve spot
Upon request we open additional/exklusive dates. Also, earlier in the year we carry out 3-day whitewater packrafting trainings in the Alps (Tyrol/Austria) and the Alpine foothills (Bavaria / Germany).

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Training description and Area

During our trainings in the Soča valley, we will set up a cosy Packrafting camp for several weeks. There live the guides, our participants, there visit us interested Packrafters, you might meet participants from other training dates and every now and then people from the LWA team appear in the camp hammock for a few days.


The training starts on the morning of the first day . Arrival by the evening of the previous day and a first overnight stay before the training starts are recommended. In the evening there will be a first welcome and a first acquaintance for the participants who have already arrived. The following morning, the official start of the training, we start with general information and equipment before we hit the waves.

Find more details on Arrival and lodging.

The training ends in the early evening of the last training day. For the departure we recommend the following day after a relaxed ending.

Landscape and scenery: Dream destination, the valley of Soča

The river Soča with its turquoise crystal clear water is a place of longing for paddlers all over the world. It runs from its source at the foot of the Julian Alps in the Northwest of Slovenia, through an open valley, till it ends in the Mediterranean Sea. This is the reason for very mild weather even in late summer.

Whitewater packrafting, within this impressive scenery of the Triglav National Park, is a unique experience. Under fantastic conditions, you can combine fun while improving your paddling skills, in partly challenging whitewater, and enjoy the diverse, adventurous canyons and gorges around Bovec.

The area is ideal for packrafting. We will guide you by foot as well as in packrafts, through breathtaking canyons, along famous drops like "Bunkerschwall" or "Frauenschlucker", beautiful creek runs and highlights like the cemetery track.

The light weighted packrafting equipment allows us to easily combine hiking with whitewater action. We will hike to entry sites or walk back to the campsite after a whitewater ride, so we can enjoy the landscape twice – by boat and by foot.

The valley of Soča and the Triglav National Park offers, next to the whitewater action, many other adventures and activities, which you can combine with this trip. We would be happy to help you gather more information. Please ask us directly!


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