Packrafting in the alpine valleys of Tyrol and the Alpine foothills

Every year in June we are out in the whitewater of the alpine valleys of Karwendel and Tyrol. From the gentlest possible introduction to our whitewater course system on a beautiful mountain lake in the Alpine Foothills courses to the heaving water of Tyrol, our Alpine courses offer combinations for every level of ability. 

Where Tyrol delivers sporty whitewater against an alpine backdrop, our chosen rivers in the Alpine foothills between Mittenwald and Garmisch-Partenkirchen are perfect for beginners and those who enjoy the scenery - in the beautiful area around the Zugspitze and Karwendel mountains.

Those who already start with us in the Lech Valley in Tyrol or move on there with us after an Alpine Foothills course will already dive into the mostly massive wave crests of the Lech on the open Tyrol course and then, at the latest on the Advanced course, let themselves be carried away by the crystal-clear mountain water of the upper Isar into an untouched wild river landscape.

Each course starts on the first day with safety training for self-rescue and competence in whitewater. As the course progresses, we then combine whitewater and trekking day trips with light packs with extensive technique training and paddling of our favorite river sections. These allow you to learn and deepen different difficulties and aspects of whitewater paddling and whitewater driving techniques. With the big goal of experienced paddlers in the Advanced course with upper Lech and Isar even on two very different river characteristics.

Our alpine early summer highlight in Tyrol and the foothills of the Alps is aimed at basically fit packrafting enthusiasts with a desire for adventure and challenge. The Advanced course is aimed at advanced whitewater paddlers and packrafters with whitewater experience with good fitness.

In all our whitewater courses you will individually develop and deepen your skills for navigating easy to challenging whitewater.

The courses in Tyrol are especially suitable for the preparation of expedition style tours with white water content, such as the Iceland expeditions.

Embedded in the day tours we cover general whitewater safety techniques as well as special packrafting techniques in the current and on gravel banks on the shore. By using two guides, we flexibly adjust to different requirements in the field of participants in each course.

We provide the complete packrafting and whitewater safety equipment as rental equipment. The whitewater days are also a great opportunity for our participants to personally test different packrafting equipment from our fleet.

We spend the evenings in our base camp at the respective camping site, where we let the whitewater days end comfortably framed by the alpine mountain world and have time for socializing and exchange. Every now and then on the evenings of the course week we usually tell stories and anecdotes from the LWA team (click here for the blog) and our plans for future adventures.

You can find an impression of the Advanced Course Tyrol in our blog.

A small personal report from the first Alpenvorland course 2020, with which we made the alpine whitewater accessible to beginners, can be found in the Land Water Blog: Alps in Special Times - Freestyle Bavaria and Tyrol. Originated due to closed state borders in 2020, the course was a blast according to our participants! Since then, the Alpenvorland courses have been our most popular whitewater courses.

Experience with us exciting and sporty whitewater days in the Alps! We are packraft enthusiasts and live packrafting the whole season between Slovenia and Iceland. We bring this enthusiasm to every course.

Dates 2024

In 2024 we are again spending a few weeks in June on our journey through the Alps between the Alpine Foothills in Germany and Tyrol in Austria and take you with us to the Alpine river pearls of the northern Alps.

We recommend beginners to start their whitewater career with us in the Alpine Foothhills (Alpen1-2024, Alpen2-2024 or Alpen5-2024), where we start with the basic paddling technique on a lake. The introduction in the waves of Tyrol is much more demanding, interested parties without paddling experience therefore please switch to the course Alpen2-2024 in Bavaria.

As every year, we offer you different combinations of our 3- or 4-day courses, depending on the level of demand and experience. Also a booking of a single training is possible depending on experience level. These are your booking options:

1. Booking as single training

Buchungsstand Alpen1-2024 (4 days, for beginners): June 13 - 16, 2024 (Bavaria, Alpine foothills, open training): Reserve spot
Buchungsstand Alpen2-2024 (3 days, for beginners): June 17 - 19, 2024 (Bavaria, Alpine foothills, open training): Reserve spot
Buchungsstand Alpen3-2024 (3 days, for experienced paddlers): June 21 - 23, 2024 (Tyrol, advanced training): Reserve spot
Buchungsstand Alpen4-2024 (3 days, for advanced paddlers, More information): June 24 - 26, 2024 (Tyrol, advanced training): Reserve spot
Buchungsstand Alpen5-2024 (3 days, for beginners): June 28 - 30, 2024 (Bavaria, Alpine foothills, open training): Reserve spot

2. Combination of courses (from beginner to experienced paddler)

Buchungsstand Alpenkombi-2024 (6 days, with one day pause, for beginners): June 17 - 23, 2024: Reserve spot

As a beginner into the waves of Tyrol within few days: Combination from Alpen2-2024 (in Bavaria and the Alpine foothills) and Alpen3-2024 (in Tyrol)

Buchungsstand Alpenkombi-Advanced-2024 (6 days in Tyrol with a half day pause, for experienced paddlers): June 21 - 26, 2024: Reserve spot

Purely Tyrol: For paddlers with previous experience to advanced on the upper Lech and upper Isar: Combination of Alpen3-2024 (Tyrol-open) und Alpen4-2024 (Tyrol-Advanced)

3. The big tour: Alpine trip with us, from Bavaria to Tyrol. Combination of three courses: Alpine Foothills + Tyrol open + Tyrol advanced

New since 2021: Join us on the Alpine joruney. This idea was also born in the Freestyle Ride in the crazy year 2020 in Bavaria and Tyrol. Do you feel like just paddling through? 9 days on the water, two half break days and an alpine trip over Tyrol and through Bavaria with Andi and Sebastian from the LWA team for a combo price (see below services and prices).

Buchungsstand Alpenreise-2024: June 17 - 26, 2024 (Alpen2-2024 in the Alpine foothills + Alpen3-2024 Tyrol open + Alpen4-2024 Tyrol advanced): Reserve spot

For pleasure paddlers is of course also the combination of 4 or more courses possible, who would like to accompany us through the entire trip, and after intensive progress course still some days on the rivers of Bavaria to finish, speaks to us - as for any other desired combination - gladly.

Your desired course has too few free places or is fully booked?

In August and September you will find us for many weeks in our Whitewater Camp with 3- and 5-day courses in Slovenia.

Impressions from the trainings

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Schedule and area


Each course begins on the first day of the course with arrival to the course location no later than 12 noon. In the afternoon we start directly with the safety training, usually directly at the place of introduction and set up of the equipment. Each course then tackles different sections of the Isar, Loisach and Lech with increasing difficulty and focus on teaching paddling techniques.
The Advanced Course usually sets off on the second day of the course on a longer and more challenging whitewater day stage on the Lech and then - if conditions permit - paddles the challenging upper section of the Isar on the last day of the course. Of course, socializing and stopping for Kaiserschmarrn or other local delicacies will not be neglected in the evenings. Here is the opportunity to exchange with other experienced packrafters.

The course ends in the late afternoon of the last course day. For the Alpenvorland courses we usually end at Camp Isarhorn near Mittenwald, for the open Tirol course in Häselgehr and for the Advanced course usually in Scharnitz at the exit of the upper Isar section.

Landscape and course description: The valleys of Tirol and Karwendel

The alpine valleys of the Alpine foothills and Tyrol offer impressive nature in summer and winter. On the Isar and Loisach rivers, remote sections alternate with urban ones, but views of magnificent scenery are never in short supply. Further into the mountains, in Tyrol, the Lech stretches through alpine landscapes without weirs or transfer points and invites you to paddle.

The Isar Valley in the Karwendel Mountains is narrower and is home to the upper Isar, a challenging pearl of Tyrol's alpine rivers in appealing, changing nature between forest and rocky gorges.

The valley of the Lech and the Karwedel Mountains offer not only whitewater activities, you can also choose between different adventures and combine this trip with a vacation in Tirol.


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