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Iceland is one of the most fascinating places on earth. The price we pay, to explore the lava island in the Polar Sea autonomously, is the rough and very windy climate, a difficult terrain and challenging rivers. Every now and then we take a small group of packrafting adventurers into this unique packrafting Eldorado.

Island ExpeditionIsland ExpeditionPackrafting Expedition IslandPackrafting Expedition IslandPackrafting Expedition Island

"Iceland is made of waterfalls, magic and lava rocks, held together by moss"

- An Icelander about Iceland -

Follow us into the loneliness of the rough, partly barren Icelandic highlands. This packrafting expedition from North to South, takes us from the highlands of the southern Icelandic coast, through a landscape built from lava, over glaciers, torrential rivers, glass clear blue lakes and creeks into wide glacier streams.

As a challenging and demanding tour this expedition is almost only off tracks in the Icelandic highlands. It requires, that you carry all equipment (including food for the full expedition duration) on your own.

Partly you have to climb long distant ascents with heavy gear.

  • Difficult terrain on land and water. Partly wide, spreading and confusing glacier streams, sandy easy ground, steep slopes, snow fields, lake crossings if necessary despite strong winds.
  • Day stages between 15km and 25 km.
  • Limited to 6 participants.
  • For preparation you will receive packing lists, weather information and competent and personal advice through our guides.

Tales of the previous expeditions in our Land Water Blog:

Long report of the expedition 2018

Short stories from the expedition 2019

The next expedition date is planned for early July 2025 and have started to find the expedition team. When interested in participation, please request participation or contact us for more information.


The minimum requirements for participation in our Iceland expeditions are:

  • Personal invitation from the LWA-team after previous training participation or an interview with the guide-team on your previous experience
  • Participation in at least one four-day Multiday-Packrafting-Training
  • Participation in a whitewater-training or similar previous experience in whitewater-kayak/-packraft

Depending on experience and knowledge the expedition team can customize these requirements individually.

The following trainings are suitable for preparation for this expedition:

Multiday Packrafting trainings Hunsrück (4 days)
Whitewater packrafting trainings Tyrol (3 days)
Whitewater packrafting trainings Slovenia (3-5 days)
Packrafting expedition training Norway (7 days)

The requirements to your outdoor equipment is, due to the stormy weather and rough climatic conditions, very high. We recommend an expedition suitable tent, a waterproof backpack and high-quality outdoor gear.

Thomas, participant of the Iceland Expedition in 2017:

"Two years after my trip to the Sylan Mountains I again was one week on tour with LWA – an individual trip in the southern part of Iceland.
I don’t want to deal with the description of this country, to be any way near in describing these unforgettable and fascinating impressions you must be a writer or poet. I am neither, just a 60 year old, reasonably fit, townsman who learned to trust in Sebastian from LWA: If Sebastian offers me a hiking/rafting trip to the Icelandic highlands, he will be sure that I can make it, and that is all I need to know.
This trust paid off. I experienced the capability of a man, having an experienced guide, precise preparation and a bit of flexibility on-site. In every single way a challenging but fulfilling week, in which I partly was happy doing nothing but following Sebastian’s wide back. In the last two years LWA became an even more professional provider of adventure trips. I highly recommend anyone to take the chance and explore your own limits."

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