Multiday Packrafting Trainings Hunsrück (Hunsrück-Tour and Hunsrück-Compact)

Our legendary Hunsrück trainings: Land river trekking, Multiday Packrafting training or expedition preparation. Find your adventure here with a backpack and a packraft in the seclusion of the Hunsrück region. Trips and trainings with everything that makes Packrafting unique.

Our Multiday Packrafting trainings in the Hunsrück region are intense adventures and are always a combination of training and land river tour. It is for those, who want to experience a pure land water trekking tour or just wanting to test themselves and their material on a self supported Multiday Packrafting tour.

In every training a real outdoor experience is waiting for you. Whether in the 2-day variant Hunsrück-Compact with intense workshops and one tour day. Or when in spring the torrents of the Hunsrück between the Moselle and the Nahe valley are accessible, on the 4-day Hunsrück-Tour of which we will be on tour for 3 days with boat and backpack, self supported in nature. We will move from water onto land, through rustic scenery and experience the fascination of an autonomous land water tour with packrafts.

During these trainings you are part of days full of outdoor life, challenge and cozy campfire evenings with workshops on combined land water trips and learning of outdoor skills:

  • Packrafting on torrents through unpopulated landscapes and trekking on traditional paths in the Hunsrück, which houses the fledgling national parc Hunsrück Hochwald (only part of the 4-day variant)
  • Workshops and training blocks for all major topics on independent Packrafting trips: Paddling technique, packing systems, equipment, food and water and much more (see services and prices)
  • On the go in small groups per guide - always accompanied by experienced packraft guides from our team
  • An intense outdoor experience with quaint accommodation near the river, campfire and four days of outdoor living. Training of outdoor skills
  • Team experience: coping with obstacles
  • A workshop day with a short packraft trekking trip on site, paddle training in running waters, equipment testing, pack system workshop, tips and tricks to the equipment, and pleasant campfire evening and outdoor dinner
  • Transfers and the two on-tour overnight stays included (additional costs for one night at the camp site depending on your choice of stay (tent, caravan, hut))

Learn more about the 2-day training Hunsrück-Compact
Field report in the blog "My first time multiday packrafting" of the 2-day training

Learn more about the 4-day training Hunsrück-Tour
Field report in the blog "Hunsrück - welcome to "the south"" of the 4-day training

Training date 2-day trainings autmn variant 2022

We are changing the 2-day trainings Hunsrueck-Compact to "Multiday Basic" as from this year on. More information is following.

Buchungsstand Multiday Basic2-2022 (2-day training), September 24 - 25, 2022: Reserve spot

Training dates autmn variant 2022

Buchungsstand HR-Tour5-2022 (4-day training), October 13 - 16, 2022: Reserve spot
Buchungsstand HR-Tour6-2022 (4-day training), October 27 - 30, 2022: Reserve spot

Training dates spring 2023

4-day trainings Hunsrück-Tour

Buchungsstand HR-Tour1-2023 (4-day training), March 23 - 26, 2023: Reserve spot
Buchungsstand HR-Tour2-2023 (4-day training), March 30 - April 2, 2023: Reserve spot
Buchungsstand HR-Tour3-2022 (4-day training), April 6 - 9, 2023: Reserve spot
Buchungsstand HR-Tour3-2022 (4-day training), April 13 - 16, 2023: Reserve spot


2-day trainings Hunsrück-Tour

Buchungsstand Multiday-Basic1-2023 (2-day training), April 22 - 23, 2023: Reserve spot


For our 4-day trainings please be aware of conditions and feasibility of the trip.

Our Hunsrück trainings and Covid-19

We have summarized our guidelines and concepts regarding the SARS-CoV-2 ("Corona") pandemic on our Covid-19 overview page.

Individual Dates

For groups of at least 8 people, we offer individual dates on request during March, April, October and November.

The Hunsrück trainings as part of our program

The training in the Hunsrück are an exciting adventure in itself, a preparation option for our Packrafting expeditions as well as a possible preliminary course to our Packrafting expedition course in Norway.

Do you want a smoother start?
Experience Packrafting on a day in the Nahe valley on our day courses Packrafting adventure days Nahe (In German).

Seek outdoor basic courses in preparation for the tour, equipment, camping and orientation?
Have a look at our LWA Basics courses: LWA Basics Courses Outdoor Basics (In German)

The FAQ to our Hunsrück-Tour

Read our Hunsrück FAQ here. For further questions please contact us personally.

Impressions of the trainings

Further information


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